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on donderdag 21 november 2013
Hi there future followers, or at least I hope.

This is me giving blogging another shot, something that doesnt require every day posting, so maybe that is something a tat bit more up my sleeve. I will be blogging about books like the title of my blog says, 'Me about Books'. What kind of books can you expect, Well mostly YA Novels and probably most of them will lean towards the fantasy kind of genre but there can be some unexpected choices in the content of this blog. So stay tuned.

So Yeah I will give my opinion about these books and your welcome to share your opinion about them yourself in the comments, but do please stay nice and polite, no bashing please!

Before i will end up my welcome post I have one question for those reading this, as of late I finished or will be finishing some books that are the end book of a serie. What do you want to see, a post about the entire series? Just the single book or both! Please let me know in the comments down below!

Soon I will be sharing pictures of the entire content of my bookshelf, this will either be in a video or just in pictures, something I still have to decided on myself. Don't hesitate to ask for reviews of books that are in my book shelf cause i will be happy to share my toughts and feelings.

For now goodbye and enjoy the post that will be shared in the near future.
Xoxo Annelie

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